Taking Your Goals to Greater Heights

Our Mission is to create quality, long-term matches that launch the candidate and the hiring firm to exceptional success.


Matches that Stand the Test of Time

Gemstone was created for financial business owners by financial business owners.

For years we dealt with the same problem of needing good, quality employees with no good solution to find them other than posting a job. Not only did we need good employees, but we also needed highly skilled, trained, and specialized employees in the financial services industry. It was not until we hired a professional recruiter that our world opened up, and we saw the light. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to partner with the recruiter and the rest is history. Our hope is that we can solve this problem for your financial services company, and we are committed to working hard to do so. Please read more about our exceptional team below.

What Sets Us Apart


We specialize in filling positions in the financial industry. We have a deep understanding of the industry and its inner workings. We utilize our relationships, memberships, and specialized knowledge to identify and recruit exceptional candidates.


We have over 12 years of experience finding exceptional candidates to fill key finance positions at every corporate level. We know how to create matches that stand the test of time, enabling candidates and hiring companies to grow and reach new heights.


We believe in good, old-fashioned ethics and hard work. We work efficiently to fill open positions with exceptional talent and have a 98% placement retention rate after one year.